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Fujinon Polaris Binoculars

There are, literally, hundreds of binoculars on the market.  No matter what kind we use, no matter how expensive and how high tech, our favorite continues to be the Fujinon Polaris.  Anything else we use feels like a compromise.  Our customers--both commercial and recreational--agree.  So does Practical Sailor Magazine in recent evaluations.

The Polaris represents the ultimate in binocular performance.  They deliver the brightest and sharpest color-correct image--better than virtually any binocular on the market.  Flat field images are achieved with the lowest distortion and astigmatism.  Ultra-long eye relief--23 mm--makes the Polaris ideal for sailors who wear glasses.  We'll vouch for that--one of us doesn't have binocular vision at all without them, so glasses with binoculars are a necessity, rather than an inconvenience.  Eyes focus independently as well.  Stability is superior to many electronically-stabilized instruments.

Fujinon Polaris binoculars are armored for lifetime durability and nitrogen-filled for a water-tight seal.  They include a buoyant neck strap to keep them afloat in case of a drop overboard and are available with or without a built-in compass.  We recommend the 7 X 50 for most stable viewing in open sea conditions.

Fujinon F-Series Specifications


Object Lens Effective Diameter 50 mm
Actual Field of View 7o30' (131 meters at 1000 yards
Eye Relief 23 mm
Exit Pupil 7.14 mm
Maximum width 218 mm
Height 200 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Warranty Lifetime for materials defect
Ordering Information:
7x50FMTRSX Fujinon Polaris Binocular, 7 X 50 without compass $699.95
7x50FMTRCSX Fujinon Polaris Binocular, 7 X 50 with compass $749.95

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