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Celestial Navigation Equipment

Celestial Navigation is regarded by some as black magic and by others as one of the finer arts of sailing.  For safety, serious offshore sailors should be ready to use a sextant and calculate position with the stars.  Waypoint offers a complete selection of sextants, navigation calculators, and the necessary publications and forms.

Astra IIIB

Sextants and Accessories 

GPS is wonderful.  Yet, the prudent navigator knows that back-up navigation strategies are necessary.  We believe that a sextant is an integral component of any offshore navigator's toolkit.  There's also something magical about navigating in concert with the physical world around you--learning the heavens to steer by the stars.


Celesticomp V

Navigation Computers

Commercial and recreational mariners agree:  a navigation computer makes sight reduction calculations simpler and more reliable.  They're ideal for cramped spaces where juggling forms, tables, and almanacs makes navigation a chore.


American Practical Navigator

Celestial Navigation Publications and Supplies

Make sure that you have all of the publications and forms that you need to finish your position calculation.  Shop here for:

  • HO-229, Volumes 1-6
  • HO-249, Volumes 1-3
  • Nautical Almanacs
  • Air Almanacs
  • Work Forms
  • Plotting Sheets
  • American Practical Navigator
  • Star Finders



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