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Click for Details Cooking Sturgeon
  Fifty well-tested recipes for preparing this versatile fish. Appetizers, chowders, stews, barbecuing

Click for Details One Pot Galley Gourmet
  A collection of tested recipes from this clever cook. Each recipe delivers a tasty meal from only on

Click for Details Seafood Cookbook
  Part of the Nature's Gourmet Series. A fine collection of seafood recipes from around the world. No

Click for Details Grill It! Plank It! Wrap It! Smoke It!
  The first cookbook to combine these three popular styles of cooking. Packed with flavorful, fully te

Click for Details Plank Cooking
  The secrets of the ancient art of cooking on planks of wood are revealed! Goes way beyond fish to in

Click for Details Cooking Salmon and Steelhead--from the Water to the Platter
  Exotic recipes from around the world from sandwich spread to 11 recipes for plank cooking.

Click for Details Six Ingredients or Less Diabetic Cookbook
  More than 400 family-friendly low-fat, low-carb recipes with easy menu ideas for a busy lifestyle, p

Click for Details Six Ingredients or Less Low-Carb Cooking
  Only 0-6 net carbs per service. Slow cooker recipes, lots of menu ideas and company meals.

Click for Details Passage-Maker's Cookbook
  A comprehensive galley reference for coastal and offshore cruisers. Includes sample provisioning lis

Click for Details Slim to Shore
  A true lifestyle cookbook that features all the low’s and no’s--low cholesterol, low sugar and no

Click for Details Ship to Shore I
  Sailing the Caribbean can fuel the heartiest of appetites. Here's a fascinating and delicious collec

Click for Details Bahama Mama’s Cooking
  Authentic Bahamian recipes filled with spicy ethnic flavors. The Bahamian islands provide a tropical

Click for Details Shellfish: the Cookbook
  Oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, prawns, crabs, lobsters, shrimp and prawns all have starring role

Click for Details Salmon: The Cookbook
  Some of the best salmon recipes ever collected now compiled in one handy volume. More than 120 recip

Click for Details Halibut: The Cookbook
  120 proven and delicious recipes for this increasingly popular fish. Includes grilled halibut steaks

Click for Details Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookery
  320 tasty, tested recipes for cooking the catch whether it be salmon, halibut, clams, oysters, cod,

Click for Details Totally Lobster
  Recipes include salads and sandwiches, finger foods and heavenly broths and luscious lobster dinners

Click for Details Totally Salmon Cookbook
  A celebration of salmon recipes in miniature and it's shaped like the fish itself. These are good, p

Click for Details Totally Shrimp Cookbook
  Little book packed with lots of savory recipes for this princely prawn.

Click for Details Crab: Buying, Cooking, Cracking
  A complete guide to buying, cleaning, preparing, and eating crab, featuring 35 recipes and a primer

Click for Details Essential Seafood Cookbook
  Tempting, proven recipes for wonderful fish preparations, each with a full color photograph. Bouilla

Click for Details From the Galleys of Women Aboard
  A lively collection of at-sea-proven recipes from the Sea Sisters of Women Aboard, 1994-2001. From s

Click for Details Cruising Cook’s Guide to Mexico
  This will unlock all the culinary treasures cruisers will likely encounter in Mexico. Here's informa

Click for Details Quick from Scratch Seafood Cookbook
  From the editors of Food and Wine Magazine. Quick and delicious recipes for fish and shellfish with

Click for Details Dutch Oven Cookbook
  Shows off the many virtues of this versatile kitchen essential. Discusses cooking methods and provid

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