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Fiction (194)
     Alan Lewrie
     Capt. Alan Lewrie
     Capt. Frederick Marryat
     Harry Ludlow, Privateersman
     Horatio Hornblower
     Isaac Briggs
     James L. Nelson
     Lord Ramage
     Nathaniel Drinkwater
     Nicholas Everard
     Otto Prohaska
     Patrick O'Brian
     Richard Bolitho
     Richard Delancy
     Sam Goodall
     Thomas Paine Kydd

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Click for Details Yellow Admiral (18)
  Jack Aubrey's fortunes on land are declining as are his prospects with the Admiralty. Even his explo

Click for Details Unknown Shore
  An immediate precursor to the Aubrey/Maturin novels. Traces in fictional form what became of the shi

Click for Details Golden Ocean
  A richly detailed historical novel following Midshipman Peter Palafox and his adventures with Anson

Click for Details Commodore (17)
  17th novel in this wildly popular series. Aubrey and Maturin are sent on a bizarre decoy mission to

Click for Details Wine-Dark Sea (16)
  Aubrey and Maturin are on a mission to ignite revolution in S. America in the Surprise, now operatin

Click for Details Truelove (15)
  More action in the S. Pacific as Aubrey and HMS Surprise are sent to restore order in Tonga after a

Click for Details Nutmeg of Consolation (14)
  Aubrey is shipwrecked in the Dutch East Indies. Survives pirate attack and is cleverly rescued to re

Click for Details Letter of Marque (12)
  Aubrey, deprived of his commission for a crime he didn't commit, turns to privateering on his old sh

Click for Details Thirteen Gun Salute (13)
  Aubrey and Maturin sail for the South China Sea on a diplomatic mission to protect British shipping

Click for Details Reverse of the Medal (11)
  Returning from protecting British whalers off S. America, Aubrey is persuaded to make investments in

Click for Details Treason's Harbour (9)
  Set in Malta and the Red Sea as Aubrey worries about repairs to his ship while Stephen Maturin match

Click for Details Far Side of the World (10)
  Aubrey sets course for Cape Horn to intercept an American frigate and encounters typhoons, castaways

Click for Details 21
  In response to the interest of legions of Patrick O'Brian's fans, here is the final, though partial

Click for Details Hundred Days (19)
  Napoleon escapes from Elba and the fate of Europe hinges on Maturin's desperate mission to ferret ou

Click for Details Ionian Mission (8)
  Jack Aubrey now commands a ship-of-the-line blockading Toulon and undertakes a secret mission to the

Click for Details Surgeon's Mate (7)
  A thrilling chase through the fog-shrouded Grand Banks, shipwreck and internment in the notorious Te

Click for Details Blue at the Mizzen (20)
  Napoleon has been defeated at Waterloo and Capt. Aubrey and Stephen Maturin are on their way to Sout

Click for Details Fortune of War (6)
  Enroute to England from the Dutch East Indies, Aubrey and Maturin are caught up in bloody action as

Click for Details Desolation Island (5)
  Capt. Jack Aubrey sails for Australia to rescue William Bligh only to have his crew decimated by dis

Click for Details Mauritius Command (4)
  Secret orders arrive taking Aubrey to sea as a commodore to mount an expedition against the French-h

Click for Details HMS Surprise (3)
  Third in the series of Aubrey-Maturin adventures, Capt. Aubrey is in the Indian Ocean awaiting the s

Click for Details Post Captain (2)
  Follows Captain Jack Aubrey, R.N. through internment in France, escape from prison, possible mutiny,

Click for Details Master and Commander (1)
  The first in the splendid series of Jack Aubrey novels. Set in the Napoleonic wars, this is first-cl

Click for Details Ghost Sea
  A spellbinding tale set along the British Columbia coast. Love, murder and mysticism reign in this t

Click for Details Powder Monkey: Adventures of a Young Sailor (1)
  The exciting saga of one boy's life in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. 13-year-old Sam Wi

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