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     Pacific Northwest/Alaska
     Patrick O'Brian

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There are 236 listings in History/PictoralShowing 1 to 25
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Click for Details Captain James Cook
  Richly detailed, meticulously researched, but very readable biography of this amazing seaman, explor

Click for Details Shackleton's Boat Journey
  The author was captain of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship HMS Endurance on its nearly disastrous Antarc

Click for Details Caliban's Shore
  Tells the horrifying story of the wreck of the Grosvenor and East Indiaman, wrecked on the southeast

Click for Details Disaster at Sea
  The author spins many captivating accounts of disasters and near-disasters on the Atlantic. Include

Click for Details In the Wake of Madness
  Buried for over 150 years, here is the real story of what happened aboard the New England whaler Sha

Click for Details Ultimate Sailing Adventures
  A treasure chest of the most spectacular locations, classic passages, unforgettable arrivals and gla

Click for Details Desperate Hours
  A dramatic moment-by-moment account of the 1956 sinking of the Andrea Doria in the fog off Nantucket

Click for Details Seamen, Ships, and Cargo
  The story of ships and crews that moved cargo along the West Coast from the 18th century to the pres

Click for Details Tugs, Booms & Barges
  The story of the tugs and colorful crews that operate in Puget Sound and British Columbia. Chapters

Click for Details Smoke, Ash, and Steam: West Coast Steam Engines
  A superbly illustrated technical history of marine steam engines used aboard steamships and workboat

Click for Details Sailing Back in Time
  Chronicles the Farrell's last cruise on their beloved China Cloud along the British Columbia coast.

Click for Details Pirate Coast
  A real-life thriller from the author of the acclaimed Pirate Hunter. The real, stranger- than-any-fi

Click for Details Scurvy
  A lively narrative of how three curious and determined individuals overcame the constraints of eight

Click for Details Tall Ships
  Handsome volume of full-color photos of more than 200 sailing ships, virtually all the world's class

Click for Details Tall Ships: Fleet for the 21st Century
  Handsome volume of full-color photos of 150 sailing ships, virtually all the world's class A, plus

Click for Details Lewis and Clark Columbia River Water Trail
  A colorful and fact-filled guide for paddlers, boaters, hikers and land-side explorers. Includes 18

Click for Details Rangeley and Its Region
  The Rangeley Lakes were the crucible of Maine's nineteenth-century sporting culture, and the Rangele

Click for Details Robert E. Peary at the North Pole
  A new printing, with related correspondence, of the original report to the National Geographic Socie

Click for Details Moonshine!
  Recipes, tall tales, drinking songs, hangover cures, history and keeping in step with the law. Prove

Click for Details Wreck of the Medusa
  A darkly compelling account of the greatest maritime disaster before the Titanic. When the French ex

Click for Details Inside Passage to Alaska
  A brilliant photographic exploration of the waterway from Seattle to Glacier Bay. Showcases whales,

Click for Details Sea Venture
  In one of the most triumphant high sea stories ever told, Kieran Doherty brings to life the true sto

Click for Details Pirate Queen
  A fascinating account of one of history's most intriguing women, the notorious Grace O'Malley, who w

Click for Details Path Between the Seas
  The full story of the astonishing engineering feats, extraordinary medical advances, political power

Click for Details Hen Frigates
  First-person accounts from the remarkable wives of merchant captains who shipped aboard with their h

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