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Click for Details Sea Kayaking from Mountains to Ocean
  Explores the rivers, lakes and estuaries between the Cascades and Puget Sound. Not really a guide bo

Click for Details Kayaking the Maine Coast
  The most comprehensive resource for paddle trips along the Maine coast from Kittery to Cobscook. Des

Click for Details Kayaking the Inside Passage
  A complete and thorough paddlers' guide to the entire 1,300 mile Inside Passage from Olympia to Glac

Click for Details Kayak Companion
  A fun and friendly, anecdote-filled guide to all the essential sea kayaking skills. Includes candid

Click for Details Sea Kayaking Safety & Rescue
  A comprehensive manual on how to kayak safely in a wide variety of environments. Covers rescue as we

Click for Details Adventure Kayaking: Inland Waters of the Western United States
  Tips, hints, and checklists for trips from the eroded, red-rocks of Utah's Lake Powell to Ross Lake,

Click for Details Adventure Kayaking: Glacier Bay
  Covers 300 miles of trips in and around Glacier Bay. Includes everything needed to plan a trip plus

Click for Details Wild Coast, Vol. 3
  An excellent, fresh kayaking, hiking and recreation guide for the south B.C. coast and east Vancouve

Click for Details Kayaks of Greenland
  Kayak expert Harvey Golden chronicles the design and development of these marvelous craft. Beautifu

Click for Details KayakCraft
  Includes four different designs by Steve Killing for wood strip construction and takes the builder t

Click for Details Paddling Hawaii
  Right-up-to-date revision of this paddling classic. Details tested paddle trips for all the islands

Click for Details Building the Six-Hour Canoe
  Complete step-by-step instructions and plans for building this clever and capable design built from

Click for Details Sleeping Bag Yoga
  Captures a short course of yoga routines specifically geared to hikers, backpackers, cyclists and pa

Click for Details On Celtic Tides
  One man's journey around Ireland. A haunting account of a 1,200 mile sea kayak adventure, from the f

Click for Details Navigation: Sea State & Weather
  A paddler’s manual and textbook covering navigation, understanding and predicting tides and currents

Click for Details Kayaking the Broken Group Islands
  The most complete and up to date field reference on this magical paddlers' destination famous throug

Click for Details Guide to Baja Sea Kayaking
  A mile-by-mile, full color, map-and photo-studded guide to paddling, camping and exploring Baja. Inc

Click for Details Kayak Fishing
  Gives a clear understanding of the essentials needed to get started. Covers everything needed includ

Click for Details Oars for Pleasure Rowing
  A huge amount of information on oars and their use. Includes drawing for duplicating oar designs and

Click for Details Essentials of Kayak Touring
  Uses realistic paddling scenarios to teach safety on flat water, self-rescue techniques, essential s

Click for Details Essentials of River Kayaking
  Features real-life paddling scenarios to teach the latest in kayak safety and technology. Illustrati

Click for Details Kayak
  The classic animated manual of advanced and intermediate whitewater techniques. Learn three types of

Click for Details Kayak the New Frontier
  Completely updated to reflect the latest paddling techniques and technology. Over 400 artful and com

Click for Details Bombproof Roll and Beyond
  Explicit text and detailed diagrams take paddlers through the basics of the roll and into advanced r

Click for Details Kayaking Puget Sound, San Juans & Gulf Islands
  Revised and expanded to include information on the Cascadia Marine Trail as well as to provide a cur

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