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There are 41 listings in Knots/RopeworkShowing 1 to 25
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Click for Details Knots, Bends, and Hitches for Mariners
  200 finely detailed, Step-by-step drawings of 31 end-of-rope knots, 13 hitches,4 bends, 6 splices an

Click for Details Handy Box of Knots
  A super-handy and clever knot tying kit consisting of several lengths of practice rope and a detaile

Click for Details Knots
  An excellent and comprehensive guide to knots, splicing and basic decorative ropework for beginners

Click for Details Knot Handbook
  A most complete and colorful handbook describing almost every useful knot plus whippings, braiding,

Click for Details Knots & Splices
  Perfect handbook for sailors, campers, outdoorsmen with plenty of clear diagrams, concise text. Disc

Click for Details Creative Ropecraft
  Considered the standard work on the subject of practical and decorative knotwork. Packed with the au

Click for Details Des Pawson's Knot Craft
  The book that makes the other knot books work. 28 projects with step-by-step illustrations. From t

Click for Details Morrow Guide to Knots
  A super book. 647 color photos describe in step-by-step detail how to tie 70 of the most useful knot

Click for Details Complete Book of Decorative Knots
  Over 80 ornamental and useful knots with easy-to-follow, color illustrations guiding the user step-b

Click for Details Ultimate Book of Knots
  All the practical knots for sailing, climbing, hiking and decorative knots in one volume. Handy, dur

Click for Details Complete Book of Knots
  Provides easy-to-follow instructions for selecting and tying over 100 of the most useful knots for b

Click for Details Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots
  A full-color, helpfully illustrated guide to knots for home, camp and the outdoors including afloat.

Click for Details Practical Fishing Knots
  Complete guide studded with exceptionally clear illustrations of all the best and proven knots for e

Click for Details Book of Decorative Knots
  Complete instructions for over 60 functional and beautiful knots for boating, camping, home.

Click for Details Marlinspike Sailor
  Since it was first published in 1956, the leading textbook on rope and canvas work, updated to inclu

Click for Details Knots & Splices
  Features all the knots a boater will ever really need. Full-color photographs and updated techniques

Click for Details Nautical Knots Illustrated
  Nearly 300 clear photos illustrating the ins and outs of correctly tying and using the 20 most usefu

Click for Details Splicing Handbook
  Concise, well-illustrated manual covering splicing of all types. Instructions for rope-to-wire, eye

Click for Details Knots
  All the techniques, ideas and equipment needed to tie safe, secure knots for almost any application.

Click for Details Knots You Need
  Untie the mystery of knot-making with this clever and handy guide. Includes brightly colored and eas

Click for Details Book of Sailing Knots
  How to tie and use correctly over 50 of the most common and essential sailing knots. Fully illustrat

Click for Details Knot Know-How
  Starts with the basic ten knots all sailors should know and progresses onto harder ones all in full

Click for Details Knots Companion
  A flip-chart style guide to tying the ten most-used knots. A quick reference for any boater. Color t

Click for Details Guide to Saltwater Fishing Knots for Gear & Fly Fishing
  Knots for Super Braid, Dacron, braid and monofilament lines.

Click for Details Tying Strong Fishing Knots
  Donít lose that 35 pound salmon to a bad knot! When you are dealing with large, strong game fish, no

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