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Click for Details Dory Model Book
  The ultimate how-to model building book. Covers three authentic dories built in the same way as the

Click for Details Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders
  In-depth reference for tools, techniques, materials for planking wooden ships, both kit and scratch

Click for Details Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern
  Lavishly illustrated, complete sourcebook of tools, techniques and materials for the model ship buil

Click for Details Spritsail Skiff
  Detailed instructions and photos for building a model.

Click for Details Skipjack
  Detailed instructions and photos for building a model.

Click for Details Menhaden Steamer
  Detailed instructions and photos for building a model.

Click for Details Lobster Boat
  Detailed instructions and photos for building a model.

Click for Details Three-Masted Schooner James Miller
  A history and modelmaker's source book for this well-documented vessel representative of so many sch

Click for Details Ship Modeling from Scratch
  Tips and techniques for building both traditional wooden sailing ships as well as modern steel ships

Click for Details Ship Modeling Simplified
  A clear and simple guide to building high quality model ships from kits. Choosing a kit, tools, plan

Click for Details Boat Modeling with Dynamite Payson
  The instant boats approach to building models of small craft such as dories, skiffs and catboats.

Click for Details Boat Modeling the Easy Way
  Plans, patterns, photos and complete instructions for building seldom-seen models of traditional wor

Click for Details Ship Model Building
  Over 1,000 illustrations coupled with attention to minute, authentic detail make this the definitive

Click for Details Paper Yachts
  Enjoy big boat racing on a small scale. Create miniature imitations of the most competitive yachts,




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