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Dividers and Compasses

Ultralight Dividers

Weems & Plath Ultralight Dividers/Compass

The Ultralight Divider is one of our favorite instruments; we didn't believe how much better they worked than standard dividers until we tried them.  They weigh only three ounces, but are heftier than standard dividers.  Gear synchronized arms allow for fast action and precision one-handed operation.  Points are replaceable with lead (supplied) to transform it into a navigator's compass.


One Hand Dividers

Unique, English One Hand Dividers can be opened and closed with one hand while charting.  The top curved part of the handle is brass and the tapered sides are bright-finished marine alloy.  Choose either the seven or eight inch model.

Straight Pattern Dividers

Traditional Straight Pattern Dividers from England are made with the same quality brass arms and polished marine alloy tips as the One Hand Dividers.  Choose either the seven or eight inch model.

Millennium Dividers

Millennium Divider

The Millennium Divider is a conventional 6" divider and a compass.  Its unique ergonomic design facilitates one-handed operation and is the first read advance in divider technology in years.  German polyamide/glass fiber composite construction.


Millennium Navigation Kit

Millennium Navigation Kit

The Millennium Navigation Kit includes a 6" divider and a 6" compass.  Their unique ergonomic design facilitates one-handed operation and is the first read advance in divider technology in years.  German polyamide/glass fiber composite construction.


LED Light Divider

Red LED light built into the arms of the divider light up your chart without the shadows created by hands or other objects.  Special center adjust mechanism allows quick, precise, one-handed operation.  Functions as a compass or divider; spare point, lead, and knob provided.


Ten Point Dividers

Ten Point Dividers

This 6" equal spacing divider is an excellent tool for interpolating Loran or plotting and calculating using the decimal system.  The eleven numbered points allow easy conversion of distances.  It's manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel with precision clear evident from point to point.


Proportional Dividers

Weems & Plath Proportional Dividers

Proportional Dividers are a highly-accurate speed-time-distance computer long used by draftsmen and chartmakers.  Its unique advantage is that distance, picked off the chart between divider points, can be immediately converted to the unknown speed or time.  German silver/nickel alloy with stainless steel points.


Beam Compass

Beam Compass

High quality aluminum alloy Beam Compass is precision-crafted with a 20" overall radius.  Thirteen inch main beam with 7" extension bar is included plus point, stylus, spare leads, and case.  Add an optional 13" extension bar.  Made in Germany.  


Ordering Information:
122258 Ultralight Dividers $20.95
122122 One Hand Dividers--7" $37.95
122123 One Hand Dividers--8" $40.95
122231 Straight Pattern Dividers--7" $27.95
122232 Straight Pattern Dividers--8" $33.95
122084 Millennium Divider $16.95
122085 Millennium Navigation Kit $29.95
121785 Ten Point Dividers $189.95
122167 Proportional Dividers $239.95
121841 Beam Compass $151.95
121776 13" Beam Compass Extension Bar $48.95
132474 LED Light Divider $29.95

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