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Education and Training Software

Whether you're an old salt or a novice, you and your family can improve boating skills with education and training software. From training courses in weather forecasting to interactive multimedia simulators, educational applications can help to make you a better boater or help professionals obtain more advanced Coast Guard license ratings.

Chart Trainer


Starpath--Chart Trainer

Chart No. 1 is the official paper booklet that catalogs all nautical chart symbols and abbreviations.  This electronic version also includes an interactive video tutorial on chart plotting.


Radar Trainer


Starpath--Radar Trainer

Starpath's Radar Trainer is the definitive tool for mastering marine radar.  This interactive radar simulator and tutorial that will increase the safety and efficiency of your radar watch many-fold.

Weather Trainer


Starpath--Weather Trainer

Use your PC and Starpath's Weather Trainer software to quickly and interactively unlock the secrets of interpreting shipboard observations and mster the complexities of today's weather forecasting resources.

Marine Radio Software


W5YI--Commercial Marine Radio License Software

Are you a professional mariner operating Coast Guard inspected or other commercial vessels?  The GROL Plus software package contains books and software--everything you need to study for your FCC examinations for the MP, PG, and the Ship Radar Endorsement. Studying for GMDSS certification?  There's a package for you, too! 

Ham Software


W5YI--Ham Radio License Study Software

Going cruising?  One of the best things that you can do for yourself is get a Ham radio operator's license.  You'll learn to be a better radio operator--no matter what kind of radio, and a Ham license gives you access to valuable information through Net broadcasts, free worldwide radio e-mail services, and a vital, active community.

Get Your Captain's License


International Marine--Get Your Captain's License

Charlie Wing's book and CD-ROM package provides all Coast Guard license test questions for study and composes realistic "exams" that simulate the actual "Six Pack" license testing.



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