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Courtesy Flags Boating Flags Marine Flags Signal Flags

Courtesy and signal flags are a "must have" for any cruiser.  All of our flags are produced by a marine flag specialist in marine-grade nylon and sewn for maximum durability--better materials mean your flag will look great longer. They're the naval ensigns, not just cheaper "country" flag, so you're offering proper respect. They're comparable to some retailer's "premium" models--at a much lower price!

Generally, cruising yachts under 60' select 12" x 18" flags; larger yachts may select 16" x 24" or larger flags.  Commercial ships typically select 3' x 5'.  The size you choose also depends on how much room you have in your rigging if you're using a flag halyard on a sailboat; make sure that you have 360o of clear flying space or your flag will quickly be in tatters.   Call us at (800) 584-4114 or e-mail for consultation.

Boggled by flag etiquette?  Click to consult the flag experts for clarification.  Interested in flag history or just need a good reference?  We suggest pocket-sized Firefly Guide to Flags of the World.

Select flags by country or browse our cruise groupings.  Other countries and states are available; call or e-mail for price and availability.

Cruise Groups:

Algeria Colombia Guam Monaco Sri Lanka
American Samoa Cook Islands Guatemala Morocco St. Helena
Anguilla Costa Rica Haiti Netherlands Antilles St. Kitts
Antigua/Barbuda Croatia Honduras Netherlands St. Lucia
Argentina Cuba Hong Kong Nevis St. Maarten (Dutch)
Aruba Curacao India New Zealand St. Martin (French)
Australia Cyprus Indonesia Nicaragua St. Vincent/
Azores Denmark Ireland Norway Sweden
Bahamas Djibouti Israel Oman Tahiti
Barbados Dominica Italy Panama Thailand
Belgium Dominican Republic Jamaica Papua New Guinea Tonga
Belize Ecuador Japan Philippines Trinidad/Tobago
Bequia Egypt Kenya Pitcairn Island Tunisia
Bermuda El Salvador Kiribati
(Christmas Islands)
Poland Turkey
Bonaire European Community Madagascar Portugal Turks/Caicos
Brazil Fiji Madeira Puerto Rico Tuvalu
British Red Finland Malaysia Russia Union Jack
British Virgin Islands France Maldives Scotland United States and State Flags
Canada French Polynesia Malta Seychelles U. S. Virgin Islands
Canary Islands Galapagos Marshall Islands Singapore Vanuatu
Cape Verde Islands Germany Martinique Solomon Islands Venezuela
Cayman Islands Gibraltar Mauritius South Africa Western Samoa
Chile Greece Mexico South Korea Yugoslavia
Chagos Archipelago Grenada Micronesia Spain Q (Quarantine)
Many other countries are available!  Call or e-mail for special requests.

Specialty Items:



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