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Imray-Iolaire Charts--Venezuela and ABC's

Imray-Iolaire charts are printed in color on waterproof paper and published in two standard sizes:  25" x 35.5" and 25" x 17.75".  Extra information for the cruiser has been incorporated using official surveys, experience, and notes and surveys regarding passages and anchorages, including details of facilities for voyagers.  Each chart has large scale inserts of important harbors and anchorages, so, often, one Imray-Iolaire chart does the work of two NGA or BA editions.

Click on the chart number to view a coverage graphic for each chart.  The graphics can be very large files and may take a few seconds to load, so please be patient.

Ordering Information:
121991 Imray #1--Eastern Caribbean General Chart
Passage Chart; plans:  Monjes del Sur
1:1,824,000 $29.95
122265 Imray D--Venezuela, Gulf of Paria to Curaçao 
Passage Chart
1:1,021,000 $29.95
122019 Imray D1--Port of Spain to Cabo Codera
Passage Chart; plans:  Port of Spain, Carenero
1:583,700 $29.95
122255 Imray D11--Trinidad to Carupano
Plans:  Guira, Port of Spain, Carupano, Ensenada Cariaquita, Ensenada Yacua, Ensenada Pargo, Ensenada Mejillones, Playa Cacao, Ensenada Patao and Urquirto, Macuro, Ensenada Uquire, Bahias Puerto Santos, Carupano
1:240,700 $29.95
121880 Imray D12--Carupano to Cumana and Isla de Margarita
Plans:  Pampatar, Bahia de Mangle, Bahia Escondida, Punta de Piedras, Porlamar, Cumana, Laguna Grande del Obispo, El Saco (Isla Coche)
1:173,000 $29.95


122037 Imray D13--Isla de Margarita to Carenero
Plans:  Carenero, Islas Piritu, Cumana
122171 Imray D131--Puerto Mochima to Bahia de Barcelona
Plans:  Americo Vespucio Marina and El Morro, Marina Club Nautico El Morro, Puerto la Cruz Marina, Bahias Bergantin, Guanta and Pertigalete, Puerto Mochima
1:63,900 $29.95
122040 Imray D14--Islas los Testigos, Isla la Tortuga
Plans:  Laguna el Carenero, La Blanquilla
121877 Imray D2--Cabo Cadera to Cabo San Roman
Passage Chart; plans:  Puerto Carenero, Puerto Cabello
1:583,700 $29.95
121878 Imray D21--Carenero to Punta San Juan
Plans:  Puerto la Cruz, Puerto Cabello, Puerto Chichiriviche and Parque National Morrocoy, Bahia San Juan, Ensa de Corsarios, Higuerote, Puerto Carenero, Puerto Calera, Puerto la Guaira, Puerto Azul, Carabelleda Yacht Club, and Marina Mar
122038 Imray D22--Isla los Roques
Plans:  Puerto el Roque, Eastern end of Carenero, Cayo de Agua, Isla de Aves, Lighthouse Islands, Long Island, Round Island, eastern end of Barlovento
1:89,700 $29.95
121859 Imray D23--Punta Aguide to Cabo San Roman  and the ABC Islands
Plans:  Puerto Cumarebo, Oranjestad
1:255,400 $29.95
121858 Imray D231--Bonaire and Aruba
Plans:  Lac Baai, Kralendijk, Oranjestad
1:75,000 $29.95
121927 Imray D232--Curaçao 
Plans:  Willemstad and Schottegat, Piscaderabaai, Santa Marta Baai, Spaanse Water
1:75,300 $29.95

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