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Explore the following links to find background information and resources. If you have a favorite link that doesn't appear here, please e-mail it to us--we'll look forward to reviewing it for addition.

Charting and Cartography Links
Title Topic
National Ocean Service--Coast Survey Home page for the primary developer of charts for U. S. waters includes dates of current editions. Plenty of other site links, too...
U. S. Coast Guard--Local Notices to Mariners Find updates to NOAA/U. S. charts, Coast Pilots, and Light Lists.
National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Formerly the DMA, NIMA produces charts for international waters plus sailing directions, American Practical Navigator and more. Find chart corrections in Notices to Mariners plus interesting links.
Canadian Notices to Mariners Corrections to charts, light lists, and radio navigation aids.

Boating, Sailing, and Cruising Links
Title Topic
U. S. Power Squadron World's largest nonprofit boating organization, which promotes safe boating through education. They offer classes across the U. S.
SUCH License Information Use this guide to find the requirements for a particular professional license level, sample questions, more.
Latitude 38 This San Francisco Bay sailing magazine is popular with sailors everywhere.
Mahina Cruising Seminars Waypoint staff will lecture on radio, navigation, and on-board computing at their next San Francisco seminar. Consider one of their offshore sailing expeditions for cruising experience.
Call me Fishmeal Fishmeal (aka Paul Kamen) is, among other things, an experienced naval architect and the voice of reason for many sailing newsgroups. He also pioneered the cybercruise and has one of the cutest kids and some of the best links around.
Sailing Page Mark Rosenstein's page is a monster links collection.
Seven Seas Cruising Association If you're thinking about cruising, join.
The Sailing Index Massive set of all kinds of sailing links
Club Cruceros de La Paz Connect with the Sea of Cortez cruising experience plus other cruising links.
HoloHolo Hawaii Home of the Transpac website and additional Pacific racing/cruising info
Pacific Cup/Kenwood Cup No PacCup until 2002, but find out about both races now!
First Timer's Guide to Mexico Check out Latitude 38's guide for Mexico novices

Navigation Links
Title Topic
U. S. Coast Guard Find U. S. navigational information plus the status of our the radionavigation system (e. g. GPS, LORAN) and more.
Official Navigation Rules Downloadable (mostly current) version of the illustrated Nav Rules plus link to Coast Guard Exam Nav Rules question pool.
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's 33, 46, 47) The official U. S. government regulations of navigation, shipping, and radio.


Weather, Time, and Geophysical Links
Title Topic
U. S. Naval Observatory Find world time zones, an easy UTC offset calculator, and the Navy's master clock.
www Tide and Current Predictor One of the few sources of both tides and currents on line. Be sure to read the cautions...
Stars and Constellations From U. Wisconsin Astronomy Dept. Learn about a star or constellation, view star maps, links to astronomy-related sites.
Real-Time Buoy Data Reports from buoys around the country and world.
National Weather Service Maps These maps are also broadcast as regional weather facsimile documents.
Weather Fax Schedules Current schedules are also broadcast daily, and their schedule never changes.
Australian Bureau of Meterology Headed to the South Pacific? This is a good resource to begin studying regional weather.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Atomic Web Clock Synchronize your computer clock with the NIST atomic clock.
National Weather Service, Monterey, California Maps, images, and forecasts that are hard to find elsewhere. Try the movie loops...
Caribbean Weather Center The best information on Caribbean current and prevailing weather we've found--their hurricane info was a lifesaver when we were outrunning Bertha in '96. David Jones is the best!

Computing/Radio/Technology Links
Title Topic
Google One of the best general search engines on the web.
Ask Jeeves Another excellent search engine that lets you ask English-language questions.
Sailors' Page This page features one of the more complete listings of times and frequencies for Ham nets; frequencies do change, so tune around...
HF Radio On Board Link to sources of radio information, including on-board e-mail how-to's.
American Radio Relay League Information for Hams and Hams-to-be. Find Ham exam sites here.
Ham Call Sign Database Looking for someone by name or Ham callsign? If you have a new callsign, find it here.
Nerds 2.0.1 Glossary of Geek Mommy, where did e-mail come from? Befuddled by Internet and computing jargon? Bob Cringley makes it fun!
WWV Information WWV broadcasts time and geophysical information, radionavigation status, and much more. It's also a great test station to tune your Ham or SSB to--if you can't hear WWV with a coat hanger for an antenna, you have a problem...
FCC Applications for Ship's Radio Station Licenses Download the current version of the FCC license application forms or register and pay on line.  Forms are constantly changing, so don't assume that your radio manufacturer sent you the right one.
SailMail  Find out how to enroll in the most popular marine SSB e-mail service.  It's also a great resource for background information.
Winlink Learn more about radio e-mail on the ham frequencies.



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