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New Books


     Back by popular demand! Yachtsman's Ten Language Dictionary  includes English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Portguese, Greek, and Turkish translations of hundreds of nautical terms, marine parts, and more that will help you communicate in foreign ports about the engine, navigation, weather, shopping and repairs.

     Mexico bound?  Don't miss the beautiful Gulf of California and this outstanding guide, Sea of Cortez: a Cruiser's Guidebook, which features the most up-to-date anchorage and navigation information plus complete details about exploring shoreside.  Lavish photos will make you want to!

     Baja is also an outstanding kayaking destination.  Guide to Baja Sea Kayaking includes destinations on both the Pacific Coast and Sea of Cortez with mile-by-mile directions.

     The sunny shores of the Adriatic Sea are one of the most popular cruising and chartering destinations.  Croatia Cruising Companion covers the coastline between Zadar and Molunat as well as numerous islands with new, in-depth cruising information plus beautiful photos.


     Sample two different cruising philosophies.  What might make a man sail 2500 miles in a bed-sized dinghy?  Or, take a look behind the scenes on the construction of the world's largest sailing yacht and into the world of the man who built it.  The Biggest Boat I Could Afford and Mine's Bigger provide two opposite but interesting views.

Jimmy Cornell is back with two new books.   A Passion for the Sea reflects on three circumnavigations by the man who influenced the contemporary cruising scene more than any other sailor. The acknowledged authority on ocean routing updated the sixth edition of World Cruising Routes to include new waypoints, new port information, and new routing techniques..




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