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Signal Code Flags

Signal Code Flags have been used for communication between ships for hundreds of years.  They're wonderful decorations, too, for "dressing ship" for festive occasions.

Our Signal Flags are fabricated from the finest marine-grade nylon with double-stitched seams, nylon rope loops, and toggles.  Sets contain 26 letters, 11 pennants, 3 substitutes in a convenient nylon storage bag.

12" x 14"-18" flags are the correct size for display on most yachts.  However, use the following coverage guidelines for dressing ship:

  • Size 0 (12" x 12") covers approximately 50 linear feet
  • Size 2 (18" x 18") covers approximately 78 linear feet
  • Size 3 (24" x 24") covers approximately 102 linear feet

Curious about signal flag use, cracking the signal flag "code", or the conventions for dressing ship?  Consult the flag etiquette expert for history and procedure.


Ordering Information:
Prices shown are for 12" x 18" flags unless otherwise noted; call (800) 584-4114 or e-mail for other sizes
104926 Yachting Signal Flag Set, Size 0 $299.95
104927 Yachting Signal Flag Set, Size 2 $399.95
104928 Yachting Signal Flag Set, Size 3 $499.95
1110IF Individual Signal Flag, 12" x 18"
Select letter before ordering

1112IF Individual Signal Flag, 18" x 20"
Select letter before ordering

1113IF Individual Signal Flag, 24" x 27"
Select letter before ordering

104915 "Q" Quarantine Flag $19.95
104898 "A" International Diver Flag
24" x 24"
104899 "B" International Refueling/Hazard Flag
24" x 24"; also yacht racing Protest flag
122756 "H" International Pilot Onboard Flag
24" x 24"
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