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Traditional Nautical Charts

Traditional nautical charts are available in an assortment of formats:  flat single-sheet charts from government agencies and private sources, chart book collections, or black-and-white copies (non-copyrighted charts only).  As Waypoint is a contractor to many commercial ships and agencies, our in-stock chart library is comprehensive for all regions of the world.  Call or e-mail us if you need automatic new editions service or have other chart subscription requirements.

Traditional Charts Single Sheet Charts

Government-issued paper charts represent the most current, accurate navigation information for mariners.  If carriage requirements exist for charts, a government-issued chart may be the only resource that legally fulfills them.

Privately-issued flat charts--they're often copies of government charts--are also available, often in smaller, more convenient sizes with annotations, waterproof coatings, and other extras.   


Chart Books Chart Books

Because U. S. Government-produced charts can be legally copied, they are often the source for most of the chart books that are available today.  Chart books may be adequate for many boater's needs--they typically cover a region with charts of all scales.  They're also a great value, often costing only about 10% of the total for individual charts for that region.  To make chart books even more valuable, manufacturers often license copyrighted materials such as cruising guide data, aerial photos, or other proprietary information.

When available, chart books are the most convenient, least expensive backups to electronic charts.




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