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Visual Navigation Suite Nobeltec Visual Navigation Series

Nobeltec's NavTrek set the standard for computer charting performance. Now, Nobeltec's Visual Series products continue where NavTrek left off--with charting speed and GeoDraw technology that turns a library of charts into a seamless quilt, plus 3-D navigation, weather chart overlay, AIS, and street mapping.

Visual MaxPro 11 offers support for new C-Map electronic charts plus street map data for as much as 50 miles inland.  New Nobeltec Admiral MaxPro adds enhanced vessel display, a professional NavView screen that's ideal for touch-screen operation, and ARPA radar target display

A radar overlay module is available as an option for complete navigation system integration.  New Sailing and XM Weather Plus Packs add key cruising and performance tools for sailors, regardless of skill or experience level.

  • Reads NOAA RNC, BSB, and Maptech electronic charts, plus C-Map MAX Pro vector charts
  • AIS plotting support (optional receiver required)
  • Unlimited routes and waypoints
  • 3-D plotting with Passport 3-D charts lets boaters navigate around fishing hot spots, navigation channels, and harbor entrances.  Charts contain elevation data for land and ocean floor for real-life perspective
  • Fully-customizable NavInfo panel for immediate display and histogram representation ("strip charts") of key navigation data
  • Overlay wind, barometric pressure, and other weather information from GRIB files
  • Display street and roads on Passport charts
  • Smooth panning with automatic "best chart" selection
  • PerfectView enhances chart readability
  • Chart Thumbnails displayed in PerfectView
  • High resolution printing
  • Chart rotation
  • Professional ETA and course calculator with automated route planning
  • Current arrows and tide gauges can be displayed directly on charts 
  • Up/download routes, waypoints, tracks (computer cable included; click for GPS compatibility list )
  • Real-time position tracking 
  • Optional radar overlay
  • Optional Sailing Plus Pack adds incoming wind and sailing data, to a polar file to instantly update with actual on-water data, display on-screen indicators, such as laylines, reverse laylines, and over-the-chart wind indicators and polar targets and actuals as a real number or percentages for instant performance verification with strip chart display.
  • Optional XM Plus Pack allows streamed XM satellite weather data to be displayed in countless combinations within the navigation window.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista (32 or 64 bit), or 7
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 1 Gb RAM or greater
  • 1024 x 768 graphics resolution or better
  • 500 Mb free disk space
  • Mouse or equivalent pointing device
  • CD-ROM
  • USB Port (required for copy protection device--"dongle")
  • Serial port or USB + serial adapter for GPS display
Electronic Charting Function Visual 
MaxPro v 11
MaxPro v11
Unlimited Routes, Marks, etc.
Smooth Chart Scrolling
Chart Quilting
High Resolution View
Chart Rotation (Course-, North-, Chart-Up)
Automatic Logging
Route, Trip, ETA Planning
Real-Time Position Plot
Direct Autopilot Control
Upload/Download GPS Waypoints
Tide/Current Information Display
ETA Calculation with Current Adjustment
NOAA ENC Chart (S-57) Chart Support    
Maptech ChartKit Support
NDI/Canadian Chart Support
SoftChart Chart Support
British Admiralty ARCS Chart Support    
C-Map Vector Chart Support
Cartridge Vector Chart Support    
Maptech Photo Region Chart Support    
SoftChart Photo Region Chart Support    
Celestial Navigation
Inventory Manager  
Navigation Publications (light lists, etc.)    
Weather Routing Overlay
Isochron Method Weather Routing optional optional
3-D Navigation with Bathymetric Charts
Enhanced Tracks  
NavView for Touch Screen Operation  
World Chart Dongle
ARPA Radar Target Display  
AIS Plotting (receiver required)

Trade in your out-of-date navigation software with Jeppesen's competitive upgrade program.  Call or e-mail for details.

Add AIS target display with an inexpensive receiver.

Ordering Information

116624 Visual MaxPro 11 (CD-ROM; includes Tides & Currents for Windows E. and W. Coast version)
116544 Nobeltec Admiral MaxPro (CD-ROM)

129843 Sailing Plus Pack
129844 XM Weather Plus Pack



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